About Us

Hello and welcome to My Shady Baby – we are so excited to have you here!

My Shady Baby is a family run business  – 100% Aussie owned.

We take great pride in creating fun and functional window shades to provide sun protection in the car for babies and children.

After having our first child we realised how much time we were spending in the car travelling. We searched high and low to find a suitable window shade for the car. We wanted one that protected our baby from the sun while not ruining the look or function of the car. Everything on the market either blocked driver’s vision, didn’t cover the entire window, or was unsightly from the outside of the car.

This is why my Shady Baby was created!

We think these are the best bits about our kid’s window shades:

  • Our window tints come in lots of different fun and colourful designs
  • They reduce heat and glare but more importantly reduce UVA & UVB by 65%
  • There are no blind spots to keep your family safe while driving
  • They cover the entire window - no gaps in sun protection
  • You can still use your window as normal
  • Kids can't pull them off
  • They can’t be seen from the outside
  • They are easy to apply and remove.

We hope you enjoy your My Shady Baby window shades as much as we do!