About Us

We are a small family business operating in Brisbane QLD. We had our first child in April 2018 and quickly realised all the important items we had overlooked when preparing for his arrival.

Driving home from the hospital, the sun was on him the entire trip home. Initially we used a towel or a muslin wrap to block out the sun but that blocked our vision when driving. Then we went to the local baby shop and bought something that stuck to the window, but we couldn’t use the window anymore, it didn’t cover the whole window and when our son is older, he would be able to easily pull it off. We then tried to use a mesh covering but it just didn’t last and it looked terrible from the outside! We looked around at all the different products and we couldn’t find anything that suited exactly what we wanted.

While on maternity leave the idea was developed and My Shady Baby was created!

Our shades fix all the problems of the traditional options of window shades! They really are the best alternative!

We think these are the best bits about our kid’s window tints:

  • Our window tints come in 9 fun and colourful different designs
  • They reduce heat and glare but more importantly reduce UVA & UVB by 65%
  • There are no blind spots to keep your family safe while driving
  • You can still use your window as normal
  • Kids can't pull them of
  • They can’t be seen from the outside
  • They are easy to apply and remove.


We hope you enjoy your My Shady Baby window tint as much as we do!