How to Apply & Remove

How to apply the window tint:

What you need:

clean wet cloth, dry cloth, pen, scissors, credit card/license. 

Note: We recommend laying your tint flat for 24 hours or at least rolling it the opposite way to make it flat and easier to work with.

Follow these easy steps or watch our video below:

  1. Wash the inside of the car window with warm soapy water using a clean cloth (avoid using window cleaners).
  2. with the backing still on, hold up the My Shady Baby window tint (ensuring it is right way up) to the outside of the window and trace around the shape of your window.
  3. Cut approximately 1cm wider than the measured dimensions.
  4. Starting from the bottom, peel off the adhesive backing and apply the sticky side to the inside of the window leaving the 1cm overhang at the bottom.
  5. Using the credit card or license, gently and slowly smooth upwards and outwards towards the window edges. Any creases and bubbles need to be removed by slowly pulling up the tint and smoothing out again. 
  6. Using a pen, trace out the exact shape of the window onto the printed side of the tint.
  7. Slowly peel back sections of the tint and cut along the marked line. Press the tint back down firmly and ensure the edges have adhered to the window. 
  8. Using the credit card or license push the tint under the edges of the window and under the bottom of the window seal (this will ensure window functionality).

Note: It is best applied in 15-30°C with minimal wind. If it is below 15°C we recommend gently warming the tint with a hairdryer before application. 

Congratulations! You can now enjoy your My Shady Baby window tint!

How to remove the tint:

  1. Using a clean sponge, soak with warm water and leave for 5 minutes.
  2. thoroughly wet the window again and slowly peel back from one corner (tweezers can be used to pick up an edge) reapplying water as you go.
  3. Clean any remaining adhesive off with a wet cloth.


This product was solely designed for the use on a back-passenger windows only. It should not be used on any other windows within the car. My Shady Baby cannot verify that the tint has been installed or removed correctly as recommended by us. My Shady Baby cannot verify the strength or quality of any existing window tints applied to the car already. To the fullest extent permitted by law, My Shady Baby takes no responsibility for any damage incurred to you or your property (including windows and window tints) as a result of applying or removing the My Shady Baby window tints on a car window or any other surface.  

The VLT (visual light transmission) of My Shady Baby window tints is 72% when independently tested on 5mm thick glass. States, Territories and Countries have different rules and regulations for window coverings and it is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that they satisfy all local rules and regulations. The My Shady Baby should not be applied to the rear passenger window if it hinders the driver’s vision at all.