Will it fit my car window?

Our tints all come as 80cm wide by 60cm high per box. They will fit almost all rear windows even ones that have a rear/quarter panel window or that are frameless. We do recommend measuring your window, to ensure there will be enough tint prior to purchase.

Will it affect my visibility while driving?

No, our tints all have perforated holes, meaning that drivers and any passengers can still see out of the window! It doesn’t create any blind spots.

Can you see the shady baby tint from the outside?

No! From the outside you cannot see the fun design that your children can see. It appears black just like a normal tinted window.

Can I still use the window?

Absolutely! Our tints do not affect the functionality of the window. They are thin enough to continue to wind them up and down (as per instructions, do not wind down for 48 hours to allow adhesion time to stick correctly).

Does it protect from UV rays?

YES! It’s our favorited part about shady baby tints, they stop 65% of UVA and UVB rays as tested by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency).

How do I apply it?

Easy, follow our simple instructions that are included with your tint or watch our instructional video here www.myshadybaby.com.au/how-to-apply-remove/


Will it damage my window?

No, when it’s time to remove your shady baby tint, just follow the removal instructions and it will not leave any damage to your window.

Can I apply it to already tinted windows?

Yes, it can be applied to windows that are already tinted without causing any damage. When independently tested, our window tints let through 72% VLT.

Note: It is the installers responsibility to check that your vehicles still conform to tint regulations in your State or Territory.

Can shady baby tints be reused on another window?

Unfortunately, once they have been used on one window, we do not recommend reusing as the adhesion will not work correctly.

Do I need to remove the tints to wash my car?

No, they are applied to the inside of the window so they will not be affected when washing your car or going through a car wash.

Do you have any new designs coming out?

We are always looking at expanding our product range. If you have any design ideas, send them through to info@myshadybaby.com.au