Will it fit my car window?

Our shades come as 80cm wide by 60cm high sheet per box. They fit the majority of rear passenger car windows and the excess from the main window is often enough to do the rear quarter panel also.

We also offer 100cm x 65cm sheets for larger SUV's and people movers!

We do recommend measuring your window, to ensure there will be enough tint prior to purchase.

Will it affect my visibility while driving?

No! Our tints have perforated holes. This allows drivers and any passengers to see out the window! This makes it safe while driving and also lets your children look out the window! The human eye will allows look to where there is more light and it will always be lighter on the outside of your car than inside.

How does it apply to my window?

Our window shades are self-adhesive and applied to the inside of your car window. They will stick to your window once smoothed down with a card. They come off easily when soaked using a wet sponge.

Can you see the shady baby tint from the outside?

No! From the outside of the car our window shades appear as a dark tint! We understand that no-one wants to ruin the look of their car.

Can I still use the window?

Yes. Our tints do not affect the functionality of the window. They are thin enough to continue to wind them up and down (as per instructions, do not wind down for 48 hours to allow adhesion time to stick correctly). When installing the window shade, the bottom edge is gently pushed below the window seal so it doesn’t pull up.

Does it protect from UV rays?

YES! It’s our favorite part about My Shady Baby shades, they stop 65% of UVA and UVB rays as tested by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency).

Is it easy to apply?

Yes! Each window shade comes with detailed instructions as well as the video tutorial on our website. Because of the perforated holes in the shade, it is easy to apply and fix if you do initially make a mistake. Once you are happy with how it is attached to your window you simply use a card to smooth it out and trim the edges for a perfect fit!

Will it damage my window?

No, when it’s time to remove your My Shady Baby shade, just follow the removal instructions and it will not leave any damage to your window.

Can I apply it to already tinted windows?

Yes, it can be applied to windows that are already tinted without causing any damage. When independently tested, our window shades let through 72% VLT.

Note: It is the installer’s responsibility to check that your vehicles still conform to tint regulations in your State or Territory.

Can shady baby tints be reused on another window?

Unfortunately, once they have been used on one window they cannot be used again. This is because the water used to remove the tint breaks down the adhesive. Most people generally leave the window shade on their car until their children grow up, they are selling their car or they want a new design.

Can I use it on my back window?

As our window shades come as a standard size of 60 x 80cm it would most likely not cover the entire rear window.

Do you have any new designs coming out?

We are always looking at expanding our product range. If you have any design ideas please send them through to info@myshadybaby.com.au we would love to hear from you!